How connected is the world? And what connects the world? Do we live in a “flat world” as
some scholars claim? Play Plague Inc., an epidemic simulation game, and think about these
questions. Organize your reflections into an argumentative essay on the changing geography of
the world. The task is not to evaluate the game but to study world geography through the game.
Incorporate at least three geographical concepts introduced in the text or in class. Your essay
should be at least 800 words in length and follow the standard five-paragraph essay format. It
will be evaluated for original ideas and expressions, critical arguments, logical structure, and
succinct writing.
Game play guidelines
1. Secure a mobile computing device such as a smartphone or a tablet PC. If you do not have a
mobile computing device, check out a BuckiPad (iPad) for free at Thompson Library or
borrow your Android user friends’ devices for an hour to play the game.
2. Download the app for Plague Inc. at to a
device. The game is free for Android users and $0.99 for iOS users. (Do not get Plague Inc:
Evolved which is an expensive PC version.)
3. Install the app and start a new game. Your goal is to create a strong pathogen and eliminate
the humanity from the world.
4. Play the game one full time. It will take about 20 minutes.
5. Think about the following questions:
1) What was your strategy for winning the game?
2) Where did you start cultivating your disease?
3) Through what channels did the disease spread on a global scale?
4) How did countries respond to the disease respectively?
6. Play the game one more time. Choose a place different than the first time to start cultivating
a disease.
7. Think about the following questions:
1) How did you change your strategy for winning the game?
2) How did the different places of origin influence the spread of the disease?
3) What are the secrets of winning the game?
4) What implications does the game have on the changing geography of the world?2
Writing guidelines
1. Write a paper that follows the standard five-paragraph essay format. Your paper is
expected to begin with a paragraph that introduces your argument, develop the argument
in a couple of following paragraphs that present sound logic and clear evidence, and end
with a paragraph that summarizes the body of the paper and restate the argument.
2. Include your full name and a meaningful title of your essay on the first page.
3. Be sure to incorporate at least three geographical concepts from class or the textbook.
4. Paginate the paper.
5. Format the paper according to academic standards. Your paper should be neatly typed in
12-point font and double-spaced on Letter-sized pages with “normal” margins (1 inch
everywhere). Recommended fonts are Times, Times New Roman, or Courier.
6. Proofread the paper before submission for any typos or grammatical errors.
If you refer to ideas of others, avoid direct quotations and paraphrase them—rewrite in your own
words what you want to quote—whenever possible. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism.
1. You can use any reference style as long as you are consistent throughout the paper.
Chicago style—last name of the author, year of publication, page number in parenthesis
immediately following the quote—is recommended.
2. You do not need to cite the instructor to refer to lectures or class discussions in this
3. Include the list of references alphabetically at the end of the paper.
The power to identify homo sacer constitutes the sovereign (Agamben 1998, 110).
in the list of reference:
Agamben, Giorgio. 1998. Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life (1995). Translated by D
Heller-Roazen. Stanford University Press.

P.s. write the topic about immigration and globalization.


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