From Realism to Virtual Reality: Images of America’s Wars

From Realism to Virtual Reality: Images of America’s Wars
Assigned readings from The Norton Reader:
“The Boston Photographs” (657-62)
“From Realism to Virtual Reality: Images of America’s Wars” (761-76)
“Strangers” (135-39)
“Understanding Comics” (1022-28).

Individual group analysis followed by class discussion of Winslow Homer’s painting Prisoners from the Front.

Write a division and classification essay of 750-1,000 words in which you analyze an image you have selected and had approved by your instructor. Carefully consider how you will divide the image into parts to be analyzed, and brainstorm each division and subdivision. Develop a thesis that concisely expresses the total effect created by the parts into which you have divided the image. Complete all phases of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, and revising. Include an introduction containing a focused thesis statement; body paragraphs which develop focused topic sentences, each of which develops a particular aspect of the thesis; and a strong concluding paragraph. If you use outside sources to support ideas expressed in your analysis, provide in-text citations and a Works Cited page using the MLA format. Follow the formatting and submission instructions listed under “Assignments” on pages 4 of our course syllabus.

Rhetorical concept/ Developmental strategy: Division and Classification (LSH, 17)
Stylistic concepts: Tone and Stance; Purpose and Audience (LSH, 349, 346, 2-3)
Research concept: Note-taking; Works Cited using MLA format (LSH, 93-135)
Grammar concept: Punctuation; Clear Sentences (LSH, 282-302, 230-37)



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