Finite Element Method in Computer Simulation

Finite Element Method in Computer Simulation

Many computer-aided engineering packages use finite element techniques in order to simulate engineering problems. Particularly common are stress analysis, thermal analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics solvers. This assignment requires an investigation to be carried out into the method using common Finite Element Analysis software.


1. Describe, in detail, the basic principle of finite element analysis.
Criteria: FE principles described clearly covering meshing, application of boundary conditions, solver and post-processing
2. Describe how FEM software might be used in industry. Include some of the issues regarding the use of FEA, in particular consider the issue of appropriate modelling and analysis solver ‘run time’.
Criteria: Examples given of how FEA might be used in industry. Issues covered such as ‘run time’ considerations, application of realistic boundary conditions etc.
4. Critically appraise Ansys as a piece of FEA software. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the software. Describe your experiences with the software.
Criteria: Critical appraisal including strengths and weaknesses of Ansys software





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