Final Project: Evaluation Report

Final Project: Evaluation Report
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My Clarksville Social Issue: Clarksville is the fifth-largest city in the Montgomery County, Tennessee with a population reported of 132,963 in the U.S Census in 2010 and predicted to be around 146,806 in 2014 (United State Census Bureau, 2015). The small city is growing concern due to its ever increasing crime rates which is a total of 5,061 (Annually) out of which 750 incidents are recorded as highly violent instances. Which are broadly 543 assaults; 6 are murder cases, 84 rape cases, and 115 robbery cases. According to our research of Tennessee and other state lists there were 187 registered sex offenders living in Clarksville, Tennessee as of August 31, 2015. The reported numbers for sex offender with respect to sex offenders is 762 to 1 (, 2015).

Domestic violence is referred to as abusive behavior displayed in any relationship that is part of the nature or dominance of one partner to dictate or drive terms over the other intimate partner. There are various types of domestic violence be it physical, economic, sexual, psychological, and influential power play. It is started off by injuring, manipulating, isolating, terrorizing, threaten, blaming, torturing and coercing. The city is quite high on crime rates even after the city is known as an industrial city (, 2015).
Final Project: Evaluation Report (Program Evaluation: Week 1) describes my Clarksville Social Issue….I’ve attached it in a file:Clarksville Social Issue
Throughout this course, you will examine the importance of practice and program evaluation to social work programs. As a professional social worker and leader in the field, you are responsible for ensuring that your clients are served using interventions that have proven to be effective and are based on evidence. You are also responsible for making contributions to the field by conducting and publishing evaluation research.
Throughout this course, you developed different components of an evaluation plan for a program you create in Clarksville, a fictional city found in the media. For your Final Project, create a new service or add a new population to your Clarksville program and assess your newly updated program.
Final Project Evaluation Report
Your Final Project will be 15 pages, not including title page, abstract, or references. You must include at least 15 sources and the following elements:
• Include a description of your original Clarksville social issue and your original Clarksville social program to address this issue.
• Describe the new service, program, or population to service with your Clarksville program. Analyze how you will meet the needs of culturally diverse clientele.
Needs Assessment
• Develop a needs assessment that addresses the following questions for your updated service or population:
o What is the problem that needs to be addressed? Who are the stakeholders who are invested in the social problem you have identified?
o What is the extent of the problem? How is the community affected? Is this a new problem in the community? How has the issue been addressed previously? Why does the problem continue? What services, if any, are available that address the need?
o What types of data will you use for your needs assessment?
o Who is the target population?
o How will your needs assessment be used to bring about changes in the community?
Logic Model
• Create a logic model for the updated service or population for the Clarksville community.
o Describe the inputs, outputs, and outcomes are represented in your model.
o Describe the approach you used to create your logic model.
o Analyze how your logic model can be used to conduct research.
Process Evaluation
• Conduct a process evaluation for your Clarksville program. Be sure to address the updated services and populations.
o Identify and describe the target population.
o Identify and describe any challenges in Clarksville Food Bank processes.
o Identify and describe any challenges in the Clarksville Food Bank resources.
o Identify appropriate data sources.
o Make recommendations on how the food bank can be run more effectively.
Outcome Evaluation
• Apply a group research design method to plan an outcome evaluation of your updated Clarksville program(s) and populations.
o Describe a group research design method applicable to planning your outcome evaluation.
o Describe your approach (using the appropriate research terminology), your plans for randomization (if appropriate), and your groups.
o Describe possible threats to the validity of your study.
Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Method Design
• Develop an outcome evaluation for your original and new program and population in Clarksville.
o Stipulate which outcomes you are measuring using the qualitative approach and which outcomes you are measuring using a quantitative approach.
o Describe why you chose to measure the outcomes with your selected approach.
o Describe how you think your results can be used to improve your original and new program and population in Clarksville.
Creating and Selecting Assessments
• Create a 5-question data collection survey that addresses a process or outcome of services within your updated program. Describe what you are measuring.
• Go to the Walden University Library Walden Library and select a standardized test that can be used to measure a target process or outcome within your updated Clarksville program.
o Summarize the standardized test you selected from the Walden University Library.
o Discuss why you selected this measure.
o Discuss your analysis plan and how this analysis can be used to inform services within your program.
Evaluation Report Implications
• Discuss the broader implications of your findings for practice (i.e., the practical or clinical significance).
Social Change
• Explain how your Clarksville program promotes social change.


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