Factory Acceptance Testing

Define the topic (provide sufficient and well defined definition of factory acceptance testing).
Explain the concept with mentioning real world examples (the examples should not be explained here they should be only mentioned, explanation must be done in the

discussion and results).
Define the objectives of this paper.
3)Literature review (1350 pages) 8 references should be used here and they should be from papers:
Participants in the factory acceptance testing.
Preparation for the factory acceptance testing.
General procedure for performing factory acceptance testing.
4) Methodology (500 words):
Explanation of the different tools, equipment, technique and technology used to perform the factory acceptance testing.
Explanation of the different types of software available for the factory acceptance testing.
5) Discussion and results (500 words):
Explanation of real world examples and how the factory acceptance testing is done for them( they should be the ones mentioned in the introduction).
If possible, provide some figures and numbers to illustrate the above examples.
6) conclusion (250 words)
sum up the whole paper and what this paper taught us.


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