Executive Decision Making

Project description
Please answer completely all 5 of the following questions. The total exam is worth 20 points; thus by deduction each question is worth 4 points. Each question is graded on its own merit. Each question is graded separately as to its value of 4 points. For instance, if you get one of the questions wrong and/or do not answer the question at all there will be a deduction of 4 points. Please review Rubric -Summary Activity-Final Exam.

Minimum/Maximum requirements per question: Minimum of four full pages PER QUESTION double spaced (please review Summary Activity-Final Exam Rubric in Document Sharing files) with a NO Maximum double spaced per question. Those questions that are “two part” will probably require five pages to answer.
You can use reference sources in addition to your text but remember a reference page is Mandatory with the submittal of the Summary Activity-Exam which will contain your list of sources of use. Our texts are some of those references and sources. Also, please use citation in the body of your answers to the questions. Sources of references and citation will be check for their applicability and authenticity as well as plagiarism by “running” your exam submission through a software entitled “TURNITIN.” In addition, remember this is APA style so include a Cover Page, Table of Contents page , Abstract page , Text pages (which are the answers to the questions) and Reference page. Also, include an Appendix for graphs, charts, illustrations, etc. to support your answers to the questions within the Text section of the paper. Please review Summary Activity-Final Exam Rubric in the Document sharing files.

1. What are the key issues for consideration before sourcing production abroad? Provide explanation for each key issue.

2. What are the strategies for dealing with three types of difficult workers? First, you have to identify the type and then provide the strategies.
3. What are the three simultaneous events that have occurred in America related to globalization? Explain the three. Is globalization the culprit? Provide supplement support for your position.

4. What are the executive traits? Apply these traits to a global perspective.

5. What are the factors that can draw companies into the international area? Expand with detail explanation for each of the factors.
** There are 5 questions to answer and I should have 4 pages per question. The paper needs to have references and appendix


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