Event management

Event management

1. Event management is a profession that requires public assembly for the purpose of
A. Celebration and education
B. Marketing and reunion
C. A & B
D. Health and wellness

2. Every event is potentially an opportunity to provide a future
A. Reunion
B. Party
C. Commencement
D. Celebration

3. Sub fields in event management include all of the following except
A. Sport events
B. Retail events
C. Government bond ratings
D. Meetings and conferences

4. The four primary challenges that professional event managers encounter are:
A. Time, finance, technology and human resources
B. Special effects, lighting, audio visual, and accommodations
C. Volunteers, education, re-education, continuing education
D. None of the above

5. The five phases in the event management process include
A. Research and design
B. Planning and coordination and evaluation
C. None of these
D. A&B
6. The first phase in the event management process is
A. Design
B. Planning
C. Research
D. Evaluation
7. Evaluation is directly connected to
A. Research
B. Evaluation
C. Design
D. Planning


8. One type of qualitative event management research includes conducting
A. Surveys
B. Focus groups
C. Intercept interviews
D. None of the above

9. One major difference between corporate events and those funded by the use of not for profit organizations is the use of
A. Full time staff
B. Temporary help
C. Leaders
D. Volunteers

10. Event managers must be
A. Excellent communicators
B. Excellent speakers
C. Excellent writers
D. Excellent on-camera personalities
11. The financial philosophy for your event may be
A. Profit oriented
B. Break-even
C. Loss leader or hosted
D. All of the above
12. All of the following are typical expenses for your event except
A. Merchandise sales income
B. Advertising
C. Audiovisual equipment and services
D. Entertainment
E. Food and beverage

13. Fixed overhead expenses for your event include the following items except
A. Rent
B. Telephone
C. Catering for meal functions
D. Insurance
14. Variable expenses include
A. Catering
B. Audio visual
C. Registration materials
D. All of the above
15. If the total fixed costs for your event are $5000 and the contributional margin is $10 the break-even point for your event is
A. 400 persons
B. 600 persons
C. 1000 persons
D. 500 persons

16. Prior to hiring key vendors you should first distribute a
A. Request for Proposals
B. Contract
C. Purchase order
D. Green sheet
17. A major brand building tool for your event is
A. Advertising specialties such as pencils
B. On line marketing
C. Business cards
D. Stationary
18. Event management organizations use the internet to conduct
A. Registrations
B. Ticket sales
C. Distributions of materials and surveys
D. All of the above

19. One of the biggest advantages the internet has over other marketing tools is
A. Complexity
B. Cohesiveness
C. Validity
D. Real-time contact
20. In an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system documents such as purchase orders, invoices, attendance projections, and checks are converted into standard form, permitting other companies to
A. Secure them
B. Read and accept them
C. File them
D. Delete them



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