Evaluation of Research and Analysis

Evaluation of Research and Analysis

1 Case Study – Research a Business Problem

During this session you will be introduced to the research case study that you will be working on over the next 9 weeks. These workshops are designed to enhance your research and analysis skills and to prepare you for the final case study assessment at the end of the unit.

Prior to the final assessment, you will undertake a reflective evaluation of your research. In order to complete this first assessment, you need to have undertaken some research so that you can reflect and evaluate; these workshops over the next 9 weeks will provide you with that experience and provide evidence that you can reflect upon and use in an appendices for your first assessment.

Problem Solving

Learning Outcomes

Identify sources of information and learn how to investigate a business problem.
Develop skills of critical analysis.Task

Description of Problem

CUPE Ltd is a Project Management training provider based on the South of England that has provided training and consultancy services for over 10 years. In recent years they have noticed a decline in the number of people undertaking Project Management training courses, which is a trend that they want to address so that the company might continue to grow and be successful. The mission of CUPE is simple, “to add more value than cost to improve client projects” (CUPE 2013, paragraph 1).

There have been several reasons suggested for the decline in the number of people undertaking Project Management training. These include a decline in the number of project management jobs, an increased emphasis on experience over training, a higher number of competitors in the market, new innovative ways of delivering training (e.g. online) and new innovative ways of marketing the courses.

Financial accounts for CUPE Ltd, published by Duedil (2013), illustrate the financial performance of the company since its incorporation. An adapted version has been included in Appendix A.


Investigate the suggested reasons for the decline in the number of people undertaking project management training.
Consider a range of sources of information.
Reference sources of information.
Consider the limitations of different sources (e.g. bias).



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