Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction

Project description
revision instruction: Now i understand .but atleast the writer should provide me with basic formulas and standard calculations. I ordered an engineering paper while the paper contains just paragraphs only theoryritical and also about the numerating of the refernces he keeps doing mistakes,,some pages are left without numerating them,,basic engineering work should include formulas and graphs as known

hello,i would like to have a thesis which consist of these topics,and also I would like to have around 10 pages of drafts each 10-15 days of writing,,,

1-INTRODUCTION which include :

A-phenomena of lightning

B-types of lightning

C-Review of existent systems for airport lightening protections

D-Types and extents of electrical hazards

E-The need to heighten lightning protection, according to geographical locations

2-Equipments of the airports which get effected by the lightning strikes and its effects on these factors

a-the structure of the airport

b-the runway


d-Air traffic control tower and its elctronic equipments such as the radar system

e-fuel tanks

3- Models and methods of protection against lightning strikes on the airports facilities (solutions for the above problems in point 2)

A- Cases wherein airlines have suffered serious drawbacks because of lightning and power surges

B-Measures that had not been taken to cushion airports and airlines from these setbacks


D-Reflections from the case study

5-risk managements and assessment

6-Summary or conclusion




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