Empowering and Supporting Individuals

Empowering and Supporting Individuals

T Empowering and Supporting Individuals
Essay: An investigative assignment on Empowerment examining physical, psychological and social effects of special needs on individuals and carers.
Target Group: client with mental Health.
Critical thinking is very important: here please compare different theories and
Include your own experience.

Leaning outcomes:
Please critically analyse all learning outcome
1. Demonstrate a deeper understanding of the individual needs of target group and be able to plan and meet those needs effectively.
From your literature search, you systematically examine and assess the care provision available for the target within NHS and Social Care framework. You then evaluate the implications of the National Service Framework on differing needs of this client group, the carers and accessing services based on equal opportunities

2. Reflect on the roles of outside agencies that help to meet the cultural needs of the service users and the families.
Here you are expected to analyse your knowledge of current issues which may influence the care delivery of the target group. You are expected to describe the, strategies, roles and responsibilities of Social Services, Health Care Trust and Independent Sector for joint working.
3. Discuss empowerment and inclusion to promote physical and social identity in the community.
Here you explore and examine issues the role of law in protecting discrimination of the service-users and apply this to your work experience in the application of code of practice, legal provisions and inclusion. he role of one CAM in the promotion of health and well-being

Discuss the role of one CAM in the promotion of health and well-being
• Discuss the origins and developments in the use of CAM.
• Discuss and appraise the role of research evidence for the use of CAM and compare to orthodox treatments.
• Appraise the underlying theoretical foundations for CAM’s.
• Discuss the potential place of CAM within contemporary health care practice relative to mainstream treatments .
• Employ analytical, critical and written communication skills



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