Discuss has the so-called war on drugs improved the drug problem in this country?

Although the enormous societal and financial consequences of legal drug use (such as alcohol and nicotine) are well-documented, few topics arouse as much public and political concern as does the use and abuse of illegal drugs. Drug abuse emerged as an important public issue in the 1960s with the rise of the counterculture and its experimentation with drugs such as heroin, marijuana, and LSD. In the 1980s, the high price of cocaine led to the development of cheap substitutes (such as crack), which produced violent disorderly behavior and led to street wars between gangs fighting over control of its distribution. This epidemic of drug use and violent crime led to the current “war on drugs” (declared during the Reagan and Bush administrations), which advocates stiff penalties for drug-related crimes. Develop an essay in APA formatting of 500-700 words looking at drug abuse from a psychological perspective. Use the information that you learned last week on the brain and this week on consciousness to help you develop this essay. Make sure to develop a well written essay that has an introduction, body, and conclusion that is based on research and psychological perspectives to back up your thoughts on the issue. Has the so-called war on drugs improved the drug problem in this country? (Provide Statistics from your research) Opinions are sharply divided. Many experts who argue that the war on drugs has failed have proposed their own controversial solution to the problem: the controlled legalization of drugs. Proponents argue that legalization would diminish crime by driving drug traffickers out of business and would also lead to a savings of several billion dollars each year through tax revenues, which could be used for education and treatment programs. Critics argue that widespread availability, lower prices, and the elimination of the legal stigma would lead to an enormous increase in drug abuse, which in turn would lead to skyrocketing medical costs and would jeopardize public safety. Provide the scientific merit of arguments and evidence on both sides of this volatile issue through completing research in the school library. Reference: Finsterbusch, K., & McKenna, G. (2001). Taking sides: Clashing views on controversial social issues (11th ed.). Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing Group.


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