Direct Claim: The Real Thing

Direct Claim: The Real Thing

Paper instructions:
Do problem 7.1 Document for Analysis: Jumbled E-Mail Message on page 214 your textbook. Using the interoffice memo link, report the weaknesses on your first page, and then submit a revision of the email to make it more effective. You can just make a second page of your memo for the revision so you can keep it all as one document.

Click on the interoffice memo link; complete the information, save it as a Word document

Do problem 8.19 Direct Claim: The Real Thing. Format this assignment as a business letter. Be sure to use proper business letter format as shown on page 228 and page B4 in your Appendix. Pay attention to the spacing in your letter. You may have to adjust the inside address to force it to single space. There should be no extra space between the lines of your inside address and the sender’s name and position at the bottom of the letter.



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