Describe your experience in producing sites for non-profit and/or community-focused projects.

.. Describe your experience in producing sites for non-profit and/or community-focused projects.

.. Provide current reference information for three former or current clients.
.. Briefly describe your firm’s organizational capacity to produce our web site (e.g. staff, equipment, software, physical space, office location, etc.).

.. How many full-time staff does your firm employ? Please include a copy of your firm’s organizational chart.

.. Provide a company profile, length of time in business and core competencies.

.. Briefly describe the percentage of your web staff that would end of working on this project relative to your entire staff (using full time equivalents). For example, if you would use five staff on the project and you have ten web designers and developers, the percentage would be 50%.

.. What type of team will be assigned to this project? What will each person’s role be? Please include a brief background summary for each key staff member assigned to this project.

.. Briefly describe your firm’s project management process.

.. Percent of total revenue derived from site developments and other business ventures.

.. Explain your business model.

.. Please discuss any planned IPOs, mergers or acquisitions.

.. Please discuss any hardware/software vendor partnerships.

.. Please discuss your testing and support plan.

.. Please explain your service level agreement (SLA) structure.
3. End your paper by asking a question of to your class mates.



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