Delegation of both manager and employee

Should employees seek responsibility?

Delegation is the sharing of duties in an organization, whereby the manager assigns duties to employees in the organisation and holds them responsible of the duties assigned to them. It is believed that it is the managers who should take the first initiative of delegating duties to employees, since they are the senior most members in the organisation.

However, this believe is not always right because some managers may fail or refuse to delegate duties for their well known reasons, hence resulting to low productivity in the organisation. In such a case, as much as the manager is to be held responsible for the poor results in the organization, the employees too should take responsibility since they play an important role in the organisation. The fact that the manager has a senior position in the organisation doesn’t mean that he can do everything all by himself, at some point he will need assistance or may fail and that is the point where employees assistance is required.

When the managers delegation is too much should employees speak up?

Sometimes the manager may assign too many duties to his employees such that the employees are not able to meet the deadlines set for the duties assigned to them. When the workers are overworked the productivity of the company may as well be affected since the employees are working under too much pressure therefore the quality of services maybe wanting. The employees are allowed to voice their problems to the manager so that the issues raised are addressed before further problems emerge. A good manager is one who is well organized in that he distributes available resources equally to employees and he is able to monitor employees’ behaviour and know their wants. Communication between the manager and the employees should be encouraged to enhance team work and good relations between the two parties.



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