Data base Marketing

1.    You only need to answer 2 questions. (Not an essay format)






2.    You need at least 20 references, also cite in text. Due to the page limitation, when you cite in text, just use ?1, ?2 after the source you use. (the professor will check each of the reference to see if it is related to your points)

For example: customer loyalty is a Process of Building Repeat Purchases and Positive Attitude. “top-of-the-mind” Awareness?1

Then, on your reference page, using the APA format.

3.    Please read the questions CAREFULLY!!!

4.    I will attach the class PPT as well. Please read it, Thanks!

Q1:Why is customer loyalty so important to the profitability of a business (Clear, concise writing is important! Reference your statements where appropriate. One page limit)

Q2: Suppose we wish to develop a financial planning service (i.e. we’ve just become certified financial planners). We intend to target customers from the La Jolla and Delmar area (affluent areas). Using good one-to-one marketing principles describe your Positioning Statement, Services Offered, Channel Choice, Pricing Policy, and your best Promotion Plan and defend your answers. What is the size of your market and how did you determine it? Describe each in a brief paragraph or so with a brief defense of your thinking. Label your answers clearly by bolding “Positioning Statement” at beginning of paragraph. You need to mention all of them (positioning statement, services offered, channel choice, pricing policy and best promotion plan, then defend your answers) Clear, concise writing is important! Reference your statements where appropriate.. Do not exceed 2 pages.


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