Critique of a Local Integrated Site: This 40-point, 5-7 page assignment (not including title and reference pages) requires students to identify, describe, and provide a description of a local integrated behavioral health care site/program (primary care is preferred). Students are encouraged to visit a local site and set up a brief interview with a manager, director, or lead behavioral health integrated clinician to ensure success on this paper. If a student is employed at an integrated primary care location, they are able to utilize their own workplace for this assignment. In addition to information gathered during the interview with the site¿s liaison, students are to utilize at least four references from the course in their critique of the site. Specifically, students should:

?Identify the model of integrated behavioral health being used
?Describe specific ways that the models is being implemented in the clinic
?Critique ways the clinic is deviating from the identifying model
?Evaluate the impact of the model on healthcare professionals practicing in the setting
?Explore the ways the site is defining and measuring success of the model and implementation of integrated behavioral health
?Identify areas for concern and development to improve model implementation (both clinical and management)
?Describe fiscal considerations and implications of the current models
?Describe areas for healthcare redesign or support needed for future success
?Evaluate the model through the use of an integrated behavioral health evaluation tool


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