Creationism in a new tuxedo?

1) Proponents of “Intelligent Design” insist that institutions of higher learning should permit, but not require, scientists and philosophers to develop hypotheses of divine origins for mankind. They argue that the concept of Intelligent Design implies nothing about beliefs, and only implies that “life had an intelligent source.” Do you think Intelligent Design should be taught as legitimate course of study? Why or why not? Finally, why do you think a significant portion of the U.S. population today still doubts evolution, despite all of the evidence?

Your answer should be limited to 250 words (approx 1 page).

2)Liberation or Destiny?
After reading the article included in the section “Genes & Behavior,” how do you feel about the search for genetic answers to human behaviors? If we find such one-to-one gene-behavior links, what do you think the consequences will be? In other words, is Eugenics coming back into fashion?


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