Contemporary Employment Relations

Contemporary Employment Relations

Individual assignment THE EMPLOYEE RELATIONS TOPICS An Individual Report of 6 pages is related to the NEHC case study, and provides the opportunity to synthesise and analyse all topics learned on the module.

Choose one topic from the following list on which to base the individual report.

a) Evaluate the trade union presence at NEHC? Make recommendations for a consistent management policy on union organisation, with justifications for your proposals
b) Is there an employee participation scheme at NEHC? Examine the existing situation, identifying the problem areas. Make recommendations for a revised scheme, giving justifications for your proposals
c) How should new working practices be introduced at NEHC? Discuss with reference to existing information and consultation arrangements. Make recommendations for appropriate changes to these arrangements, with justifications for your proposals
d) Could a partnership approach be developed at NEHC? Examine the potential difficulties and advantages of such an approach. Make recommendations for its adoption or non-adoption, justifying your proposals.
The individual reports which you produce, will require you to research these topics thoroughly and carefully.
4, this report , you must e choose a topic from the case named North East Health Care case study



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