Construction Practice



Task 1 (15%)
Research into different types of pedestrian bridges and determine which type you will select to build the bridge. Write a

brief report evaluating your selected type of pedestrian bridge. You must include in your report about the key aspects with

regards to cost versus functionality. You should also highlight what factors need to be considered when designing a

pedestrian bridge in the UK(max 300 words).

Task 2 (20%)
Produce a programme of the bridge with a linked Gantt chart and Network diagram using MS project software. You should

include a minimum of 20 activities. The maximum project period is to be 12 months and the construction start date of the

bridge is 1st April 2015using a standard calendar (5 working days per week and 8 hrs. per day except bank holidays).

Task 3(30%)
Make a list of the materials required to build the bridge. Bearing in mind that all materials purchased,and resources used,

in the project will be charged to your project regardless of whether you use them or not.
• You are required to produce a histogram showingresources (skilled, unskilled labour and equipment) and discuss the

peak demand of the each resource.
• Develop, and include in your report, costing information of labour and equipment forthe major activitiesfor the

bridge and a cash flow diagram with the cost S-curve for the project.

Task 4 (25%)
Developa health and safety risk assessment using a risk register. You must include the possible list of risks and their

control measures,based on a qualitative risk analysis,during the construction stage of the bridge. You must also include a

short workmethod statement (maximum 250 words) for a task such as the excavation forthe pedestrian bridge foundation.











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