conduct an analysis of the recent Australian government policy of ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’

conduct an analysis of the recent Australian government policy of ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’. The most appropriate method of policy analysis i want to use is the Policy Discourse method.

The Proposal should be 500 words long.
• Give the topic a title.
• Clearly outline the policy that you have chosen( operation Sovereign Borders)
• You may want to identify the parameters (such as geography or time) for your analysis.
• Identify a key question that will guide your analysis.
• Name your method of analysis( policy Discourse Method), and explain why you have chosen this method to evaluate your chosen policy.

Identify five key references on this policy area. These may be books, journal articles, policy documents, or policy analysis from a reputable source. Your references should contain both policy documents (usually found online on government websites), and more scholarly source material.

Reference these correctly using the Harvard referencing style.

Provide an annotated bibliography. This is a list of references, followed by one or two sentences explaining what this reference does and why it will be useful for the analysis.


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