Computer science

1. Prepare a responsibility assignment matrix based on the following information: The main tasks that need to be done for final customer testing are:
a. determine the demographics for the customer testers
b. find the testers
c. develop the test
d. prepare the facilities for the on-site testing
e. create the survey and other methods for getting user feedback
f. analyze the results
Prepare a RACI chart to help clarify roles and responsibilities for these customer-testing tasks. Document key assumptions you make in preparing the chart.
2. Senior management has asked you to plan for the support required in the first year for the computer system after the project is completed. Assume that there will be two phone service people working 24-7 all year, one person providing online support 24-7 all year, four marketing people working on promotions full-time the first six months, two marketing people working on promotions the last six months, and one internal IT person providing technical support half-time all year. Create a resource histogram, similar to the one in Figure 9-6, based on this information.


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