Commercial bank working in KSA

Commercial bank working in KSA


1. Select a commercial bank working in kingdom of Saudi Arabia
2. Give its history, vision and mission statement
3. Download its 5 years annual financial statements and conduct following analysis
using relevant ratios and graphs
a. Liquidity Analysis
b. Efficiency Analysis
c. Leverage Analysis
d. Profitability Analysis
e. Solvency Analysis
4. On the basis of analysis, make recommendations to the bank, you have selected
5. Prepare PowerPoint presentation for 15 to 20 minutes

Referencing Requirements:
you can visit to get the financial reports of the banks!ut/p/c1/lYtBC4IwHEc_0v-3vy7ZsSRsJmJNh9sldogQUiOivn7r1qUi3vG9R54iU7gPp3Ab5imcqSe_ONTI7V6njEIoAb01O9XxklFm0bt331gJnVaGTVMm0PzXDSPxum2bV0UC4Mddb-bxSI589rFaSWrJrcmEawzd1_Aydv1DKPkENWp8bg!!/dl2/d1/L0lHSkovd0RNQU5rQUVnQSEhL1lCWncvZW4!/?symbol=1060&tabOrder=7&companyInfo_statement_type=4&periodShow=0&isXbrl=0


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