Clinical nursing practice

Health Belief Model and Learning Theory in my Current Practice

The article, A Review of the Use of The Health Belief Model for Weight Management by Diane Daddario uses the health belief model, HBM, to establish a foundation to understand psychosocial factors that are related to compliance (Daddario, 2007). The HBM also loos at the “effects of beliefs on health and the decision process in making behavioral changes” (Daddario, 2007, p. 363). What makes a person want to make a change is their perceived risk/threat (Daddario, 2007). Fear based messages have been shown to shape behavior changes by affecting their “perceived” risk/threat (Daddario, 2007). Daddario (2007) also discusses HBM also looks at perceived severity, benefits, barriers and self-efficacy. The first requirement to move through the stages is to have the person understand their “perceived risk” to the illness or health issue at hand (Daddario, 2007).


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