Class Wars / World Wars: Industrial Labour and Art before WWII

other assignment 2. Class Wars / World Wars: Industrial Labour and Art before WWII

DB 4: Class Wars / World Wars: Industrial Labour and Art before WWII (2pages WORDS:500)

Last week you should have found a group, selected topic, and emailed your professor to have your topic approved. Upon having your topic approved, you should open a DB thread included your names and the topic you will be writing on. This will function as a place marker so your peers know what topic you’ve selected; you will be able to edit its content later!

This week and next you should get together with your group on your assigned DB thread to prepare and complete the presentation you will make together.

Remember, only one member per group need submit a presentation. When you submit your presentation under the DB 4: Class Wars / World Wars: Industrial Labour and Art before WWII (10%)thread, remember to include your assignment’s theme or subject and the names of all of your group members in the thread. Your subject line should look something like this: The Communist Party in Canada (Karl Marx, Freidrich Engles, Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin)

Assignment Guidelines

For this research based assignment you will be asked to produce a short presentation on one subject or theme related to labour art prior to the conclusion of the Second World War. Topics might include:

• Socialist realism
• Print-making
• Protest songs
• Labour poetry / fiction
• Bands, floats, or banners of early May Day Parades
• Labour Related New Deal / WPA art works
• Art of the Canadian Communist Party
• Trade Union Banners
• Vancouver Progressive Arts Players
• Winnipeg City of Immigrant Culture
• Montreal The New Theatre Group
• Theatre of Action
• Art of the Knights of Labour
• New Frontiers Magazine
• Specific strikes, actions, or events (the IWW led Canadian Northern strike of 1912; the BC Labour Arts Guild Exhibitions of the ‘30s and ‘40s)
• A topic of your own choosing (subject to your prof’s approval)

Along with your group you will be asked to produce a brief illustrated (this means you should include pictures and images) Word or Power Point document exploring the subject of your group’s choosing. You are allowed to use material presented in our course readings and videos, but that material must be supplemented by at least two other sources (this means using books, articles, .gov, .edu and other valid web resources; if you ever run into trouble finding material for research assignments of this kind, remember, a librarian will always be happy to assist with a clear query).

Wherever necessary, please cite all sources using APA citation style (marks will be deducted where necessary citations are not included); be sure to include artist’s names, and the titles and dates of their work production where relevant.

Submission Guidelines

After completing your work please have one member of your group post it under the thread titled DB 4: Class Wars / World Wars: Industrial Labour and Art before WWII (10%).

When posting your work include in the subject line the topic of your presentation and your group members.

Tips for the Successful Completion of This Assignment

• Successful postings should be made in Word or Power Point, running from 500-1500 words in length. What is important here is making sure that you have explored your topic in sufficient detail. You are free to go over the limit in the case of more involved responses. Strive to create organized readable material.
• You may wish to make each group member responsible for discussing one or two key elements of your subject; for example, if you choose a particular work of art, one person might be responsible for an artist’s bio, another for an interpretation of the work, another for the labour theme it relates to, another for the social context out of which the work emerged, etc.
• Be creative and try to make your response as original as possible.
• READ other postings before making your commentary; make reference to other students’ postings where you can, and respond to them to show your consideration for their contributions.
• Be considerate of other student’s ideas and be polite.


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