Choosing eCommerce Initiatives: B2B or B2C?

In lecture 3, we covered 5 principles for the design and operation of supply chains. ICT has the potential to support these principles in many different ways. Your brief is to address the following question: How can either B2B or B2C eCommerce initiatives support the design and operation of effective supply chains? Please use examples and evidence to support your argument.

To complete the essay, you will need to choose oneof the categories of EC initiatives below and analyse the relationship with one or more of the 5 supply chain design principles:

B2B initiatives
B2C initiatives

Choosing eCommerce Initiatives: B2B or B2C?

We will cover B2B initiatives over weeks 4 and 5. This includes any use of ICT that facilitates B2B interactions (E.g. Electronic marketplaces, hubs, exchanges, eProcurement systems, EDI, ERP)

We will cover B2C initiatives over weeks 6 and 7. This includes any use of ICT that facilitates B2C interactions (E.g. e-tailing/online sales models, Customer relationship management systems)

Content covered in semester 1 can be included, but you must link is to the principles and your choice of initiatives effectively (E.g. RFID, telematics, track and trace, CVRS).

Once you have chosen a broad category of initiative (B2B or B2C), it will help to start collecting examples and references to support your discussion. If you wish, you can focus on a particular sector (e.g. shipping, grocery) or relationship in the supply chain (e.g. manufacturer – 3rd party logistics provider interface).


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