California Lottery..Broke

1. Read the news article below and answer the question, “California Broke; Says it will delay lottery payouts! Your thoughts…Fair or unfair” in 225 – 275 words.
Sacramento, CA (FLP) — California Lottery officials, working closely with legislative budget staff, have agreed to indefinitely suspend Lottery payouts to winners.

“The State is running out of money, and it’s only fair that Lottery winners do their part to help shore up our finances”, said Bruce Warner, assistant Lottery Commissioner. “What we’re going to do is continue to run all of the California state lotteries, but we will delay payout of the prizes for a minimum of three years. ”
“This will extend to scratchers, as well. Obviously, a scratcher winning $2 not paying off for three years is not going to be an undue hardship to the winner”, he continued.
2. Are your observations supported by properly cited external references
3. Ensure that the response ends with a question to the class to answer in order to keep the conversation going.


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