Business Plan Brunswick

Semester Project

This project will make up 25% of your final grade. Groups will be selected in week 2 of the semester. Grades will be based on a written plan plus an oral presentation – involving each group member.

The focus of your project will be the Brunswick Boat Group – a major division of the Brunswick Corp. Brunswick is best known for bowling, billiards and boats (SeaRay and Bayliner in particular). Brunswick Corporation is a $3.75 billion entity and among the World’s leading providers of marine engines, pleasure boats, fitness equipment, bowling and billiards. Dusty McCoy, CEO of Brunswick, announced in July that the corporation would be exiting the bowling business.

Let’s assume that Brunswick now intends to further enhance its focus on the marine industry by introducing a line of boats for water skiers and wakeboarders.

Your group is Brunswick’s senior marketing team. Your job is to develop a 3-year marketing plan for this new brand to present to Dusty.


Possible components of a marketing plan you might want to address

•    Management Overview/ Executive Summary

•    Company Focus

o    Vision

o    Mission Statement

o    Goals & Objectives

?    Qualitative

?    Quantitative

•    Analysis (SWOT)

o    Internal Analysis – (Overview of Strengths & Weaknesses)

?    Summary Overview

•    Overall as an organization

•    By individual department

•    From the market perspective

o    External Analysis – (Overview of Threats & Opportunities)

?    Summary Overview

•    Threats

•    Opportunities

?    Competition

?    Exogenous Variables

Part 2

•    Segmentation

o    Market segmentation

?    Target market(s)

o    Customer Profile

o    Product profile

o    Competitor profile

•    Marketing Strategies

o    General strategy

o    Alternative strategy

o    New product Strategy

o    Marketing Mix Strategies

?    Product mix strategies (breath, depth, etc.)

?    Product Line Life Cycle

?    Distribution (OEM and/or Aftermarket, Domestic and/or Export)

?    Quality

?    Pricing (Margins)

?    Service

?    CRM

•    Customer communications

•    Customer acquisition & retention

•    Advertising (Consumer and/or Trade, Print and/or Media)

•    Promotion

•    Literature


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