Boeing 777

Boeing 777

Citations of published papers and internet should follow a consistent and accepted format (e.g. see Citation for Research Papers at You can also use any standard citation technique with which you are comfortable (e.g., APA style). One good format is used for the Winter Simulation Conference which has proceedings of all papers of annual meetings going back several decades ( For each of the five assignments, limit your answer to 2-3 pages of single spaced text, excluding references). Note: the page limitations do not mean that you have to that number of pages in your answers which may be shorter. All questions are worth five points.

For all assignments strive for clarity and answer the question(s) directly.

Assignment Details:
The design, development and fielding of the Boeing 777 used modeling and simulation to a much greater extent, and with better results than previous Boeing aircraft. Compared with traditional design techniques used for the Boeing 757 and 767 designs, which involved physical mockups, the virtual process resulted in many design efficiencies. See the course reading- Boeing 777: Use of Modeling and Simulation in Systems Design. Boeing777CaseStudy-2008-1.pdf Also see the business case study on the Boeing 777 Boeing 777CaseStudy cohen2000.pdf Describe these design efficiencies and briefly explain how the use of M&S facilitated design and fielding of the aircraft. You may want to use other references as the Boeing 777 design process has frequently been used as a case study. See also for more information.

If interested, you may want to watch some of the following videos produced for Public Television- If you only watch one of these segments, I suggest 1.3 “Setting up interoperability among design teams.”



Agreement with United Airlines to order 777- necessary to start development. Full sized mockup of plane’s interior built. Boeing agrees to work closely with United in design and development.


Setting up interoperability among design teams.


Testing begins – both live and virtual.

Concerns at Boeing about meeting development schedule and need for recovery plan.


Quality control of initial manufactured parts.

Part 2- The Sum of its Parts


Design changes and impact on program development.


Testing the wing- the first large assembled component.


Aluminum-Lithium parts reduce weight but pose a problem with minor but visible cracking during development and testing. Decision not to use that material caused problems with design and schedule.



Managing design changes- impact on small vendors


First wing completed.



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