before it talks about this during interview

Interview Reflection Worksheet

Very simple Co-worker Lewis Frank for the interview. going to send 3 documents “How Interpersonally Effective Am
I?” Interview, Interview Reflection Worksheet, and assignment from the week

A critical step in learning about our interpersonal effectiveness is learning how interpersonally effective
others perceive us to be. Our intentions and behaviors can be misinterpreted despite our best efforts. Emotions,
thoughts, expectations, and motivations that we are unconscious of, or think we are concealing, can also affect
our intentions and behaviors in ways we do not intend. The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about how
we are being perceived. You will interview someone about your interpersonal effectiveness, then complete the
Interview Reflection Worksheet to submit for your assignment.


Step 1: Interview someone using the “How Interpersonally Effective Am I?” document. Click here to open this
document. You can also access this document from the Doc Sharing area. For this interview, you should choose
someone who knows you well. Interview someone who is familiar with your communication style (from a personal,
social, or work context) and with whom you feel comfortable. Please read the instructions carefully. You will
use the information collected with this document, but you will not submit it with your assignment, it is for
your personal use only.
Step 2: Next, use the information from your interview in the “How Interpersonally Effective Am I?” document to
complete Interview Reflection Worksheet. Click here to open this worksheet. You can also access this worksheet
from the Doc Sharing area. This worksheet should be submitted to the dropbox for M2A2.
When completing the Interview Reflection Worksheet, include vocabulary and concepts from your readings and
course site to support and illustrate your own insights. Remember, you only need to submit this second document,



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