Analysis of Advertising Campaign

Analysis of Advertising Campaign

Individual Assignment: Analysis of Advertising Campaign

Purpose: The paper assignment provides an opportunity for the in-depth analysis of an advertising campaign.  Students should choose a campaign that was not shown in class by the professor. It is possible to choose a campaign from one of the ads you use in the earlier analysis homework.

Format: The 2000-2500 word analysis should follow the guidelines for written assignments in the syllabus.


Content:  The analysis should have the following elements:

Introduction: Gets attention, explains your topic, and previews your analysis and organization.

  1. Describe the advertising campaign: who (creative agency and client); What (product, service, or idea); When (date); Where (placement); How (type of media); and Why (goals and purpose)
  2. Describe the ad campaign from different perspectives. (Identify the target audience, secondary audience, other people who could be involved even if not considered an audience by the advertiser. Then explain how they would view the campaign. Would they be favorable to the message? Against it? Offended by it?). Use these perspectives to add a deeper understanding of the campaign.
  3. Analyze the advertising campaign by discussing the visual and/or sound components of the campaign, the language of the campaign, the emotional and logical appeals used in the campaign. Refer to the material from class to help with this analysis.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. Do you feel the campaign was effective (why or why not)? Did the campaign meet the goals of the client? How did the target audience respond? Use the analysis up to this point to help support your claim.


Conclusion: Summarizes your analysis and organization (main points) and provides a memorable/meaningful concluding thought.

Reference section: cite your sources using Chicago 16 Notes and Bibliography. Need at least 3 outside sources for description and should reference class readings for the analysis section. Need to actually explain the concepts you mention by paraphrasing and quoting from class reading material or other reputable sources.

Criteria for evaluation: The ten point scale from the syllabus will be used to indicate the degree to which your mastery of the material from the course is reflected in your product on the following dimensions. Each paper will be scored out of 50 points and is worth 15% of your course grade.

  1. The thoroughness and quality of description of the campaign.
  2. The thoroughness and quality of description of the potential audiences for the campaign.
  3. The accuracy, thoroughness, and support for your analysis of the visual/sournd, language, emotional and logical appeals in the campaign.
  4. The thoroughness and support for your evaluation of the effectiveness of the ad campaign.
  5. The quality of writing in the paper including:
    1. organization of your analysis
    2. clarity of your presentation in the evaluation
    3. following of all rules of English grammar
    4. clearly and correctly citing sources in Chicago 16 Notes and Bibliography.

See the syllabus for due date and this paper will also be used as the foundation for your presentation at the end of the semester.


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