Analysing the EU Payment Services Directive 2

Analysing the EU Payment Services Directive 2

Please conduct an analysis of the regulatory change in European Payment Service Industry. About 30% of the assignment should focus on the current situation (Payment Service Directive 1), 20% should focus on describing how the new proposed Payment Service Directive 2 will change the situation, and the rest 50% should analyse how these changes would impact on the situation (e.g. competition or product development and innovations). In the analysis, please focus on the point of view of Payment Service Providers that offer payment accounts (or current accounts) to their customers.

You may use the uploaded article (Harmonising the regulatory regime for cross-border payment services by Sylvia Mercado-Kierkegaard) as a source and example. The proposal for Payment Services Directive 2 can be found from the EUR-Lex website:;jsessionid=hJ10TyRY50wyLvXb9HnY4pGZzWCLw8qFv1QKnyzS6DtCy2jNgWpG!2016645774?uri=CELEX:52013PC0547

Please use at least 3 additional sources, mainly by citing appropriate literature in the analysis section.


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