Amanda Smith, Analyst

To: William Clerks, Senior Editor

Date: 09/12/2013

From: Amanda Smith, Analyst

Regarding: Analysis of Smartphone dataset


 Dear William,

Analysis of 4G Smartphone usages from 150 respondents drawn from a survey done and results compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics was carried out. A series of statistical analysis techniques were carried out on the feedback from the 150 respondents sampled in the survey. The analysis studied the relationship between 4G Smartphone usage and user’s monthly bills, monthly bills and user’s preferred plan, entertainment down load content and 4G Smartphone usage, 4G Smartphone usage and satisfaction levels and the relationship between usage of SMS’s and MMS’s and the monthly bill.


The findings in response to your questions that will enable you to write on 4G Smartphone usage in the technology section of our next magazine issue are provided below;


  1. 1.       The analysis showed that the monthly bill on 4G Smartphone usage disparity among the respondents was quite huge. The lowest bill was $ 13 whereas the highest bill was $350. The average bill was $66. Most users’ bill was between $100 and $50. The findings also showed that most users’ bill was between $13 and $100.The analysis found that of the 150 respondents in the survey, only 18 respondents had monthly bills of above $101. This therefore implies that most respondent’s bills range between $13 and $100 and only 12% or 18 had their bills exceeding $101.This showed that the service providers make most of their sales revenue from respondents who are billed below $100 and those above that are a minority.
  2. 2.       The analysis showed that users who are in pre paid plan are less than the users who are in post-paid plan. The analysis showed that 85 respondents used post paid plan whereas 65 respondents were on the prepaid plan. The average monthly bill for those in the post paid plan was $ 63. The minimum monthly bill for those in the post paid plan was $14 and the maximum monthly bill for those respondents in the post paid plan was $ 150. On the other hand there were 65 respondents on the pre paid plan. The respondents on the prepaid plan had an average monthly bill of $71. The maximum monthly bill for those in the pre paid was $ 350 and the minimum monthly bill was $ 13. This therefore implies that post paid plan is cheaper than pre paid and that most users prefer the post paid plan because it is cheaper.
  3. 3.       The survey showed that 12% of the total respondents downloaded music using their 4G Smart phones. Of the respondents, the survey showed that 15% downloaded music using their smart phones, 16% downloaded ringtones, 5% down loaded screensavers, 11% downloaded wallpapers whereas a whopping 30% downloaded videos. This implies that majority of the respondents download videos than any other entertainment content through their 4G Smart phones.
  4. 4.       a) The survey also sought to establish the satisfaction level of the various users. It was found that of the total respondents, 42% were very satisfied with the 4G smart phones features and uses, 33% were somewhat or moderately satisfied, 18% were a little dissatisfied,  whereas 7% were very dissatisfied. This implies that most of the respondents in total 75% were satisfied at various levels with the features and uses of the 4G Smart phones whereas 25% were dissatisfied with the use of the smart phones.

b) The survey sampled 39 women and 111 men making up a combined total of 150.the survey found that of the 39 women surveyed 8% were very dissatisfied with 4G Smart phones usage and features, 8 % were a little dissatisfied, 33% were moderately satisfied whereas 46% were very satisfied. Of the men contacted in the survey and 111 in total, 41% were satisfied, 32% were moderately dissatisfied, 20% were a little dissatisfied whereas 7% were very dissatisfied. In brief of the respondents 0.3% of those surveyed were female whereas 99.7% were of the male gender. The satisfaction levels showed that of the females 79% were satisfied at various levels with the various possible uses and features of 4G Smart phones whereas 21% were dissatisfied with the various possible uses and features of the 4 G smart phones. Of the males surveyed 73% were satisfied with the 4G Smart phones various use and features whereas 27% were dissatisfied.

  1. 5.       The survey showed that there was a correlation between the numbers of SMS’s a respondent made and the monthly bill. The respondent who made the minimum number of calls basically 0 but send 1 SMS paid a monthly bill of $ 13. This therefore meant that the number of SMS’s that a respondent sent directly influenced the monthly bill. On the other hand the respondent who made the highest number of calls at 72 and sent 20 SMS’s paid a monthly bill of $102. This meant that SMS’s are not billed per number of SMS’s sent but by a certain undisclosed formula. The respondent who sent 20 SMS’s would have been billed $260 had the charge been at $13 per SMS. It therefore means that the service providers gave a discount on SMS’s for those clients who made many calls but those who sent SMS’s only were charged $13 per SMS.


The analysis used statistical methods of mean, minimum, maximum, median mode, kurtosis, standard deviation, tables, graphs and percentages. Graphs were relied on to further present the results of the findings. The analysis involved sorting data according to the presented variables. The analysis sorted data also from the highest to the smallest to enable the analysis to draw comparisons, make conclusions and also make inferences which gave informat8ion on the various issues in focus.


Best regards,


Amanda Smith, Analyst




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