A brief explanation of the fact pattern.

Project description

Here is the assignment from my professor. It is similar to the last assignment I submitted to you guys. Thanks again!

” case brief looks something like this:

Facts: A brief explanation of the fact pattern.

Procedural History: What part of the court system has this reached and why? (E.g., “Being heard in the Appellate Division, First Department. After the Supreme Court of New York County ruled in favor of the Defendant, Plaintiff appealed.”) If the case is being heard by the lower court, you do not need to provide any history other than stating that it is in the lower court. If the case has escalated all the way to the US Supreme Court, you should start from the lower court and state the history all the way up the chain.

Issue(s)/Question(s): What is/are the issue(s) or question(s) presented by this case? Remember, this is not just a rephrasing of the factual problem but rather, an analysis of the factual problem in view of the law.

Decision: What was the court’s decision in this case? Again, the relevant part here is the actual legal conclusion, not the practical application. While the latter should be mentioned, on its own, it is merely a contextless statement on who won. (E.g., “Party A paid compensatory damages” is nigh meaningless. “Party A was not found in breach of contract because the Court determined there was no consideration in the contract.” NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL NOT NECESSARILY A STRONG ANSWER.)

Reasoning: What was the reasoning/argument behind the court’s holding?”

I do put my papers through a plagiarism tracker. And I have never had a problem with you guys! Keep up the good work! These are the three cases I need done. Make sure each on is a page each.

1) John W. CARSON, d/b/a Johnny Carson, an individual, and Johnny Carson Apparel,

Inc., a corporation, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v.

HERE’S JOHNNY PORTABLE TOILETS, INC., a corporation, Defendant-Appellee.

2) Tony Silvester v. Time Warner Inc.

3) Andrew C Brown v. Robert J. Woolf


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